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Professional Commercial Equipment

Coming Soon!

Get ready to elevate your coffee experience! Geva Coffee is thrilled to announce the upcoming arrival of our premium commercial coffee equipment. Designed for the discerning barista and coffee aficionado, our state-of-the-art machines promise to transform your brewing process. Stay tuned for more details and get ready to brew like never before with Geva Coffee's commercial equipment.

Service & Maintaince

If you don’t succeed – neither does Geva. Geva’s technical service and support goes beyond what most coffee services offer. They go the extra mile to provide your business with the training, preventive maintenance, emergency repairs or equipment replacement, and other support services that will ensure your success.

  • Employee training and education: product preparation, equipment use and daily maintenance
  • Regularly scheduled on-site equipment maintenance
  • Emergency equipment repair or replacement
  • Water treatment / filtration maintenance

Contact Geva Coffee at 281-999-9929 or complete the form provided here to design a customized Geva SERVE program for your business.

Front Of The House Tranining

Consistency is key to operating a successful coffee shop. Barista training gives you and your staff a baseline for that quality cup every time. Whether you've never touched an espresso machine before or you're working on your wrapped tulips, there is always a way to improve. Our barista trainers customize a course to meet your needs. To get started, contact one of our trainers. Let us know your current experience and what you would like to accomplish with barista training, then we can customize a training program to fit your needs.

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Full Service Consulting

When opening a coffee shop or restaurant, the more you can plan ahead the easier everything else becomes. Our consultants at Geva have decades of experience with shop layout, equipment and power requirements, menu offerings, bar flow, espresso machine use and maintenance, procedural outlining, and customer service training that will help you see your concept come to life. These include the following:

  • Shop Layout
  • Equipment and Power Requirements
  • Menu Offerings
  • Bar Flow
  • Espresso Machine Use and Maintenance
  • Procedural Outlining for Employees
  • Procedural Outlining for Management
  • Customer Service Training

Pricing Our consulting cost is $125 per hour. Contact us with your shop needs to get a free quote.

Don't see the answer to your question? Email us at and we would happy to answer them for you.

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