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Proud of the past – but dedicated to the future

Founded On Great Quality

Geva Coffee was established by the George family in 1974 and it remains a family-owned business. Today, Chris George and his wife Shannon are Geva’s passionate owners. Chris literally grew up in the coffee business. He came into Geva as a young boy and was educated under the wings of the shop technicians and coffee masters. When Chris and Shannon met at the age of 16, Shannon also became a Geva employee. Chris and Shannon have worked in every area of the company from roasting to technical service to accounting to sales. They both truly understand as nobody else can, what it takes to successfully operate Geva Coffee. As they grew up together in Geva, their enthusiasm for the coffee business grew along with their vision for Geva.

Our Founders

Over the years, Chris and Shannon have added products and capabilities in order to better serve their customers. In 1992, Geva became a distributor for Cimbali espresso machines, which greatly enhanced their business. In fact, Chris George has become a recognized expert in the world of specialty coffee, often sought out to consult or take on a product line because of his reputation as one of the most knowledgeable coffee service technicians in the industry.

The Journey Continues

At Geva, we are unwavering in our journey to provide the best possible coffee experience for our customers. This ongoing quest is fueled by a blend of tradition, innovation, and a deep-seated passion for excellence in every cup. We continuously explore new blends, refine our brewing techniques, and seek out the finest beans, all while staying true to our roots and the rich coffee heritage we've built over the years. Our commitment to this journey is a promise to our customers – to consistently deliver not just a product, but an extraordinary coffee experience that evolves, delights, and exceeds expectations with every sip.

The Geva Future

Chris and Shannon George have developed a culture at Geva with core values that are often missing in larger corporations. There is respect for the traditions of the past; commitment to the needs of their local and global communities, and a dedication to continual improvement and excellence. Their continuous goal is to be large enough to provide the same high quality products and services that much larger companies do, but small enough to always provide the utmost in customer care and service. They are proud of the company’s past, but dedicated to the future.

Meet Our Family

At Geva Coffee, our roots run deep in family tradition, embodying generations of passion and dedication to organic excellence. Our family-driven commitment ensures that every cut you enjoy is a reflection of our love for the land and the animals we nurture.

Jamila Miloud

Assistant Director

Raquel Vasquez

Barista Trainer / Quality Control

Bill Kneer

Service Department Manager

Manual Ruiz

Warehouse Manager

Terry Borski

Route Delivery Driver

Our Affiliations

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